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Replacing the Brake Pads on your eBike
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Tools Needed:


  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Rubber gloves


Note: The best way to begin this process is to remove the wheel of the bike for easy access to the brake caliper. Whether removing the front or rear wheel, please refer to our article on how to remove your eBike's wheel if you are unsure how to do it. After the wheel is removed and you can access the brake caliper, you can begin to replace your brake pads. 


1. Remove locking pin from brake caliper

  • Put on rubber gloves. This will prevent the oils on your skin from contaminating the brake pads. 
  • locate the locking pin that is securing the brake pads in the caliper. 
  • use needle nose pliers to bend the pin until it is straightened. 

  • Pull out the locking pin and set it aside where it can easily be found later. 


2. Remove brake pads from caliper.


  • Once the locking pin is removed, you should be able to push the pads out of the caliper with your finger. The pads will exit at the bottom of the caliper. 


  • You'll see that the brake pads are held within a small metal clip. If you have brand new brake pads out of the package, your new pads should also come with this clip. 
  • Insert your new pads into the clip.




3. Insert new pads into brake caliper and secure with locking pin. 

  • With the pads in the metal clip, insert the clip into the brake caliper with the hole for the locking pin facing upward and entering the caliper first. 



  • Once the pads have been inserted, replace the locking pin and secure by bending one of the arms of the pin to keep it from sliding out. 




Note: Now you will need to replace the wheel. If needed, instructions for this can be found in our article "How to Remove or Install front wheel" OR "How to Remove or Install your Rear Wheel".

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