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Ebike Car Rack & Transportation Considerations
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Ebikes by nature are much heavier and bulkier than most conventional bikes. Many also feature fat tires over 4” in width. These factors need to be considered when transporting your bike. Tray-style hitch-mounted bike racks are recommended and often the only option suited for transporting ebikes.


Most ebikes weight over 50 lbs. (including the battery). If you are transporting more than one ebike on your bike rack ensure you are not exceeding the max weight limit. Make it easier on yourself and the bike rack by removing the battery (10 lbs.) before loading and transport.


If your ebike has tires over 2.8 inches or 70mm in width, the wheel trays of your bike rack may not be wide enough to accommodate them. Many manufacturers now offer alternate/replacement wheel trays for their various models to accommodate fat tires (4”+).


Here are a few options:

Thule T2 Pro XTR

Yakima OnRamp

Hollywood TRS eBike

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