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Assembly: The Stride ELM107
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 Tools needed:

  • Hex wrench set (supplied)
  • Wrench tool set (supplied)

Parts needed:

  • Pedals
  • Battery charger
  • Rear light
  • Front wheel quick release skewer
  • Keep your packaging

Let's go over assembly instructions for The Stride Step-through electric bike from Gen3.

This video covers the unboxing and basic assembly of your new Gen3 eBike,
we have many additional user guides for adjustments in further detail.

Please visit our support page for those articles: Gen3 support

Unpack the bike:

  • Using a box cutter or snips, carefully cut the white plastic straps and remove all staples from the top box flap.
  • Next, cut along the front corners of the box and gently fold the front panel to the floor.
  • Set aside the box of tools supplied, and the top foam pieces.
  • Slide the bike forward (out of the box) for assembly.
  • Carefully cut off the zip-ties securing the front wheel and the handlebars, being careful not to scratch or damage the bike.
  • Remove the front wheel and place it rotor side up

Installing the handlebars:

  • Loosen the stem pinch bolts and rotate the stem so that it faces toward the front of the bike,
    so that it is aligned with the fork, and retighten stem pinch bolts

Warning, check headset adjustment:

  • Unscrew the four hex bolts in the stem faceplate/clamp entirely, and remove the faceplate.
  • Lift the handlebars into the clamp with the display on the left side.
  • Reinstall stem faceplate, lightly tighten faceplate bolts so that the handlebar can still be rotated.
  • Rotate the handlebars to the desired angle and tighten all four bolts.
    (Recheck rotation when front wheel is installed and bike is level on the ground)

Important: Handlebar adjustment and proper set-up

Installing the front wheel:

  • Remove the plastic protective wheel caps from the wheel
  • Unscrew the nut from the quick release skewer, and insert into wheel
    (Skewer lever goes on the same side as the rotor, keeping one spring on each side of wheel hub)
  • Reinstall the nut on the skewer, we will tighten/adjust when wheel is in bike.

Move the headlight:

  • Remove foam padding from fork, use to cushion fork dropouts from the ground
  • Remove the headlight, reposition and align the bracket with the light facing forwards and upright, away from wheel.
    (Tighten when installing fender, leave loose unless not installing fender in next steps)
  • Remove dropout spacer.
  • Remove the pad spacer from brake caliper.

Mount the front wheel to the fork: Front wheel installation

  • Align the quick release skewer with fork drop outs and rotor with brake caliper
  • Tighten quick release skewer, ensuring lever is open and compression to the skewer is ensured when flipping(closing) the lever
    (For proper tightness, it should take two fingers to open lever. Any looser and it may pose a safety risk.
  • To center the wheel (once skewer adjustment is proper), place a hand over the handlebar stem,
    and apply pressure downward over the wheel, while opening/closing the skewer lever. You may feel the wheel shift in the dropouts.
  • With the skewer/wheel secure, spin the wheel and check for any wobble, and readjust as needed.

Recheck/readjust handlebar position with both wheels installed and with bike level on the ground: Handlebar adjustment and proper set-up

Installing the front fender:

  • Remove the headlight mounting bolt
  • Sandwich the light mount and the fender mount to the fork bridge
    (remove wheel partially to give room for fender, then reinstall wheel)
  • Reposition the fender and light above the front wheel,
    centering the fender/light over the wheel and tighten the bolt.
  • Attach the fender support arms (fender stays) to the mounting points/bolts on the backside of the fork

Recheck that all bolts are secure and properly torqued

Install the seatpost:

  • Grease the inner portion of the seat post clamp inside the frame, you can apply grease directly to seatpost,
    but grease is only needed on the inside of the clamp
  • Install the seatpost into your frame and with bike level on the ground, level the seat
  • Check that your seatpost clamp is tight, and that the seat does not rotate or raise/lower

To adjust the seat: seat / saddle and seatpost adjustment

Install the pedals:

  • Grease (R) Right pedal threads and thread by hand the pedal clockwise into the chain side (drivetrain side) of the bike
  • Use a 15mm wrench to tighten the pedal securely
  • Grease (L) Left pedal threads and thread by hand the pedal counter-clockwise, these threads are reversed.
  • Use a 15mm wrench to tighten the pedal securely

Connect throttle (or other wiring):

  • Connect wiring to correct color coded wire

Install the taillight:

  • Unhook the clasp and secure the light around the seat tube, fasten the light clasp

Please contact us with questions or for help:

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