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Changing the Seat / Saddle of your ebike
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Tools needed:

6mm allen (hex) key


Seatpost parts diagram:

Steps for removal of saddle:

  • Loosen (counter-clockwise) the seatpost clamp bolt, this doesn't need to be fully unthreaded.
    (If bolt comes undone, is not easy to reassemble with a seat in the way, remove seat/saddle and reassemble. start threading the seat post bolt into the Shaft cross pin/nut until 2-3 threads are engaged)
  • When bolt is loosened, turn the upper saddle clamp 90 degrees, lifting slightly over saddle rails and turning it from facing side to side, to front to back. The Saddle should then be removable.




Steps for installing:

  • Test lower saddle clamp and see that it can tilt. Lift/pry by hand if needed.
  • Lower saddle rails onto the lower saddle clamp, hold in place by hand.
  • Using other hand, lift the upper saddle clamp until it can be rotated over the top of the saddle rails.
  • Ensure that saddle rails are properly lined up with grooves in the lower and upper saddle clamp.
  • put a finger (if possible) on top of Shaft cross pin/nut to keep from spinning, making sure it sits in the groove of the upper saddle clamp tighten gently to keep saddle in place.
  • Level saddle to desire position, center the saddle rails equally (front to back) in the upper and lower seatpost clamp to avoid applying pressures at bends in tubing.
    (See the Seat / Saddle Adjustment - Knowledge Base - FLTR Customer Service article for more pictures)
  • tighten seatpost bolt to 22nm. (if bolt comes loose over time, it needs to be retightened with more force to 22nm)
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