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What tire pressure is right for me?
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Recommended tires pressure will vary by rider, riding conditions, terrain, desired performance, etc...


With this in mind, start with a pressure below the maximum and fine tune as needed.  For example:  Dry condition will favor slightly higher pressure. Conversely, wet condition will favor slightly lower pressure. 

The aim is to run a tire pressure that will provide a stable ride that is not too harsh but will also not "walk" as you corner and/or navigate obstacles.


All tire manufacturers will print the acceptable pressure ranges on the sidewall of the tires; Here are our ranges:


OutCross:  Maximum pressure of 30 psi/2.0 bar

Groove: Maximum pressure of 30 psi/2.0 bar

Stride: 40-65 psi/2.8-4.5 bar

Flex: 40-65 psi/2.8-4.5 bar

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