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As of October 28th, Gen 3 Mobility, LLC has ceased operations and is no longer offering customer support.

During our brief existence we were fortunate to service many incredible customers, build some amazing products and have fun doing it.

We thank you for your support.
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Can the handle bars be raised?
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Our bikes arrive with the handlebar set at the highest position. 


With its current setup, the handlebar position can be changed to increase rider comfort.  If you have questions on how to do this, reach out to our support team: Create a support ticket


Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for step by step instructions for how to set up your cockpit.  Gen3 on YouTube


Additionally, aftermarket products can be purchased to customize your cockpit and increase your overall comfort.


Dimension Steerer Extender


Ritchey Adjustable Stem


It is important to remember that the existing cables/housing and wiring are a set length and may be the limiting factor to the amount of additional height of the cockpit.

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