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As of October 28th, Gen 3 Mobility, LLC has ceased operations and is no longer offering customer support.

During our brief existence we were fortunate to service many incredible customers, build some amazing products and have fun doing it.

We thank you for your support.
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Electric Kick Scooter Basics
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Electric kick scooters have two wheels, a platform called a "Deck", a stem with handlebars at the top (with an LCD Display and a brake lever), a battery, and an electric motor.  GEN3 electric kick scooters are designed and intended for the rider to stand on the Deck and are not recommended for seating.  The stem has the ability to fold, allowing for easier portability and storage of the scooter.


Some of the key components of GEN3 kick scooters are as noted below:


The Battery Compartment

GEN3 scooters have a battery pack comprised of lithium-ion battery cells that is secured inside a waterproof compartment on the underside of the Deck and is not accessible by the user.  This The battery will offer a capacity of certain watt-hours, which is the amount of charge available to power the motor.  The Voltage and Amperage of the battery will dictate the anticipated range that the scooter can operate using the motor. If there is ever an issue with the battery, the Scooter should be inspected by a qualified technician, since the battery is secured within the watertight compartment.


The Electric Motor

The electric motor used on the GEN3 scooters is a 350W brushless front or rear motor.  Front wheel motors (The Verve) create an effect of pulling the scooter along whereas the rear wheel motor (The Verve Pro) creates an effect of pushing the scooter forward.


The Brakes

The brakes on GEN3 scooters are mechanical disc brakes that are operated by a single lever. There is a brake light at the back of the scooter that lights when the brake lever is depressed.


The Stem

The stem is the long vertical shaft that holds the handlebars.  The stem can be folded on GEN3 scooters.  When opened, a locking mechanism holds the stem in a vertical position.


The Handlebar

The GEN3 scooter handlebars are important because they hold an electronic LCD screen that displays the speedometer, battery life, cruise control functions, and also contains a light.  The handlebar also holds the brake lever, the bell lever, and the throttle.


The Tires

GEN3 scooters have puncture-proof suspension tires that allow for a smooth ride.


For more information, please review the General eScooter Part Names.



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