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As of October 28th, Gen 3 Mobility, LLC has ceased operations and is no longer offering customer support.

During our brief existence we were fortunate to service many incredible customers, build some amazing products and have fun doing it.

We thank you for your support.
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Common eBike Problems

**COMMON EBIKE PROBLEMS** Here are things to check when your ebike is experiencing issues **Always check that your battery is installed fully before riding, failure to ensure that it is locked in place can result in damage to the bike, risk of having the battery fall out while riding and/or shorting the electrical s…

How do I change my eBike distance display (miles / km)?

**HOW DO I CHANGE MY EBIKE DISTANCE DISPLAY (MILES / KM)?** **HOW TO CHANGE SETTINGS:** * **"+ & -" = (Press and hold) To enter "General settings"** (Quick press) "M" to switch between St.1, St.2, and St.3 (confirm/exit by holding "M" until setting screen closes) * **"St.1" = Reset trip distance (Y or N)** …

Ebike Functions and Display Settings

**HOW DO I TURN MY EBIKE ON / OFF?** Your bike will turn on at the display, by pressing and holding the "M" button to the left of the screen. The Groove fat tire folding bike, has one extra step: * If you find that the display doesn't turn on; check that your key in the battery is turned to the "ON" position (If …

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