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As of October 28th, Gen 3 Mobility, LLC has ceased operations and is no longer offering customer support.

During our brief existence we were fortunate to service many incredible customers, build some amazing products and have fun doing it.

We thank you for your support.
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Installing brake lever

Replacing brake levers: Align the gaps in the adjuster and lock ring ![][1] Pull back on the housing and guide the cable through the opening ![][2] Remove the cable head from the cradle on the lever blade ![][3] Disconnect the motor cut off cable ![][4] Loosen the 32mm hex/allen pinch bolt and remove grip ![…

Operating the Brakes

When operating your ebike it is important to know how to use the brakes safely. Ebikes are heavier than conventional bicycles and require extra care when applying the brakes. * **Apply equal gradual effort to both right and left brake levers.** * If brakes lack stopping power, see _[Brake Adjustment ][1]_ for adj…

Replacing the Brake Pads on your eBike

**Tools Needed:** * Needlenose Pliers * Rubber gloves Note: The best way to begin this process is to remove the wheel of the bike for easy access to the brake caliper. Whether removing the front or rear wheel, please refer to our article on how to remove your eBike's wheel if you are unsure how to do it. After t…

Troubleshooting: Noisy Brakes

This troubleshooting article can be followed to resolve issues that may cause noisy brakes. Keep in mind that new brakes require a "bed-in" process in which the outer layer of the pads and rotor will be worn down over the course of your first several rides on the bike. In the case the brakes are still making noise aft…

Brake Adjustment

**TOOLS NEEDED:** * 5mm Hex (Allen) key Optional: * Pliers - for helping pull taught brake cable * Rotor trueing tool or flat, non-marring adjustable wrench * White piece of paper - gives user a visual assistance when adjusting caliper ![][1]![][2] **WARNING:** Avoid contact with your brake rotor. Oils an…

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