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Electric Kick Scooter Basics

Electric kick scooters have two wheels, a platform called a "Deck", a stem with handlebars at the top (with an LCD Display and a brake lever), a battery, and an electric motor. GEN3 electric kick scooters are designed and intended for the rider to stand on the Deck and are not recommended for seating. The stem has the…

Adjusting the Front Fork / Suspension

**Suspension Fork Lock-out** All Gen3 ebikes feature a suspension fork lock-out. This allows you to lock the suspension component of the front fork and make it ridged. This will help stabilize a heavily loaded bike or reduce front end bob when climbing a hill. * The blue lock-out lever is located on top of the rid…

What do the adjustment knobs on my fork do?

There are two adjustment on your fork: One of the Right hand side and one on the Left hand side as you are seated on the bike. The adjustment on the Left hand side is a pre-load adjustment. Notice the plus and minus on the dial. ![][1] Preload is the amount of compression the spring has on it before it is engaged. …

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